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Mini CEO


Hi Angels, our “Mommy and Me” silk bonnets are now in stock!

This season we have a lot of new inventory, handpicked just for YOU! We have new selections added to our shower caps and bonnet collections! Our custom 100% silk bonnets are the perfect way for any Queen and Princess to protect their halos at night!

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-Zaria "Mini CEO"


I love my Halo! For years I have been using a plain tshirt to “guard” my hair from the water in the shower. Not only did that aid in drying my hair out but it also was a risk because we all know that is not secure! And I was ruining some of my favorite T-shirts in the process 😂 And not to mention, they come with a convenient TSA approved travel bag. Seriously, 10 out of 10 I would definitely recommend. 😌


My Halo has been a blessing to my extensions, braids, and my natural hair!! Halos are the perfect gift or stocking stuffer. I purchased one for my cousin, and omg she LOVES it! The best thing about my Halo is that it’s versatile! It’s not only for ladies but it’s for men and children! Oh and did I mention you can use it anyway you want! Stop reading and purchase!

Demetria Hyatt

It is honestly the best shower cap I have ever purchased! I use all the products on this site, and they're the best hands down! If you're looking for QUALITY products, you're in the right place!

Shadia Watts

I love my Halo! The thing I love the most about it is that it NEVER gets my bonnet underneath wet. That was always a struggle I’ve had with other shower caps and who wants a wet bonnet?! Another thing I love about it is the water literally runs right off it so you don’t have to worry about it sticking. I will forever shop Halos!

Raven Dupree

Halo is everything plus more. The name speaks volumes. I’ve came across many shower caps and went through many. Halo has been the only one that did the job. Not only does it protect my hair while taking a shower, I am also able to switch to their bonnets or wear the shower caps as a bonnet. What company do you know sale everything such as pillowcases, shower caps, shower gels, bonnets, and so much more

Ebonee Maxwell